Harpenden Town Council

The Harpenden Town Council approached us to replace a very large Beech tree on Harpenden High Street. The tree had been part of Harpenden’s History and streetscape for the last 100 years, so it was very important to replant with an equally impressive specimen tree.

The brief was simple; to source a suitable, replacement tree to plant as a signature tree for Harpenden and its residents to enjoy. We carried out a desktop study to identify all the surrounding trees, site constraints and recommend suitable species for the project. We compiled a short report and presented it to the town councillors. Due to the significance of the tree, the project soon attracted a lot of attention from the public.

The Town Council decided to accept our recommendation to plant a large Purple Beech (40-45cm girth), to give immediate impact in such a prominent position.

Planting started at first light to minimise disturbance to the public, with as much of the preparatory work already carried out the previous day. The planting team were making the finishing touches when the first shoppers arrived in the morning.

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