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Our friends

The varied nature of our business means we get to meet all sorts of fabulous fabulous people with great ideas and unique businesses. We’d like to share some of our best friends with you.

Pollu Hodges

Polly Hodges – Artist

Born in Bedfordshire in 1983 Polly has always been fortunate to share her life with horses. Her career as a dressage rider took off in 1999, she went on to represent her country on British Teams and up to International Grand Prix level. Since equines are a never ending source of inspiration for her work, Polly is frequently found riding and training her horses, which aids her to clear her mind and re-energise her creative passions. Someone once posed the question: "What’s the greater of your passions, Horses or Painting?" Her response was simple: "In my world they go together, cannot be separate, one inspires the other!"

See Polly’s wonderful work at

Incredible gardens

Incredible Gardens - We design exquisite gardens you can eat and drink

How incredible does that sound? A beautiful and exciting garden with a twist. Your personal Eden, alive with expectation and opportunities to pick, taste, eat and drink your very own plants. Be it thirst-quenching green gages, vitamin rich Goji berries, calming verbena teas, crisp flower-filled salads, mouthwatering cardoons, Sweet Cicely, or other new and exciting flavours to add to your meals. Your garden will become a delicatessen outside your back door, with the minimum amount of maintenance, providing you with an ever-changing harvest throughout the year.


Incredible gardens

Roundwood of Mayfield Ltd

Aside from our standard product range which includes: Oak flooring, hardwood decking, internal doors, door linings, skirting & architrave, window board, worktops, ironmongery etc, we can quote for and manufacture external oak doors, windows, staircases and much more. Our workshops are well-equipped and our specialist teams of craftsmen manufacture the highest quality timber products made to your specific requirements.