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When is it best time to plant?

The planting season is generally from late September / early October to the end of March but varies depending on the weather.

Bare root trees (br)

Field grown trees can be lifted from the ground, as early as the end of September depending on the weather. They are then ready for planting anytime between October and March when they are dormant.

Root balled trees (rb)

Root balled trees are supplied with the root system and its surrounding soil tightly wrapped in hessian sacking or similar material. These should preferably be planted in autumn or spring, taking care not to disturb the root ball when removing the wrapping.

Container grown trees (ct)

They can be planted at any time of the year providing they are kept well watered and protected from drying winds.

When not to plant

It is just as important to know when not to plant. Trees should not be planted when the soil is frozen or waterlogged or in excessively windy conditions. If bare root trees are lifted but can’t be planted immediately, they should be wrapped in damp straw or hessian to prevent the roots from drying out. Do not unwrap the roots. Place trees in a cool frost-free shed for a day or two, or 'heel in' by covering the roots with soil in a sheltered trench. Trees can be safely kept like this for two or three weeks but take care to ensure that the roots remain moist at all times.