Based from our purpose-built nursery and distribution centre in Buckinghamshire, we are conveniently located to service the whole of the UK with deliveries ranging from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen. Our fleet of fully equipped vehicles make any delivery a breeze with experienced staff and specialist equipment to give you peace of mind.

We offer different types of delivery, predominantly kerbside delivery, but with prior agreement we are also able to deliver the plants to the position where they are to be planted. Alternatively we are able to provide delivery to a pre-dug tree pit where our staff will manoeuvre the plant into position.

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 Delivery vehicles


This is our largest delivery vehicle able to carry loads up to 26 ton. Its curtain side protects the plants from the wind and the elements making sure they arrive in perfect condition to site. This lorry is also equipped with an all-terrain forklift able to assist with unloading on site. The lorry is capable of carrying up to 16 pallets which means that with 3-5 troughs of our Instant Hedge range per pallet we can deliver up to 80 metres in one load. Smaller plants like Buxus come in box pallets and our lorry can transport 32 of these in one delivery.


These are our three 3.5tn Iveco trucks in the fleet. One is designed to transport the installation team to site with a twin cab and custom-built tool box on board.The second is used to deliver smaller orders to access sites where space is limited.