Mature screening

This was a large 18th century manor house in Amberley, Gloucestershire. Our client wanted to add instant screening to various areas of their already well-established garden.

We were contracted to plant large 5m tall Ligustrum Japonicum (35/40) and 4.5-5m tall Quercus Ilex (25/30 & 45/50) to screen an area behind the property that was overlooked by residence on a hill. Gaining access for trees this size can be quite a challenge. This was overcome by craning the tree’s over a 3m high Cotswold dry stone boundary wall.

A second area to be screened was along an existing wall. 2m high Prunus Lusitanica instant hedge was used to provide a dense screen.

We installed a digital irrigation system to provide a controlled level of water without the burden of trying to get a hose to the hard to reach perimeter wall.

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