Our mature hedge range is becoming increasingly popular with both commercial and domestic projects, as the full benefits of our Instant Hedge are becoming apparent.

Benefits include:

  • Instant, mature hedge providing soft screening and privacy.
  • Security – native mixed hedges provide an dense and natural barrier to unwanted guests.
  • Wildlife Corridors – provides important habitats for native bird species and insects.
  • Seasonal variations in colour and growth provide all year round interest.
  • Wind and sound attenuation
  • Softens new build houses and gives immediate character and warmth.

Our mature, Instant Hedge range is available in either 1m troughs for easy planting or larger, individual trimmed sections that can be linked together for any application. We stock most species up to 3m+ in height but as stock levels vary daily, please contact us for availability. Larger sizes are available on request.

  • Beech Green – Fagus sylvatica
  • Beech Purple - Fagus sylvatica purpurea
  • Hawthorn – Crataegus monogyna
  • Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus
  • Laurel Common – Prunus laurocerasus var.
  • Laurel Portuguese – Prunus lusitanica
  • Privet – Ligustrum japonicum
  • Western Red Cedar – Thuja plicata var.
  • Yew – Taxus baccata